CMA Engineering, Inc.


The CMA Approach

CMA understands that for successful projects, engineering services must be provided in a timely manner, with sound technology and a cost effective budget.  On any project, CMA approaches the evaluation, design, and proposed construction in a very systematic way. CMA initially evaluates all planning and permitting steps with the client’s timeline and budget in mind.  Once the project path is determined, CMA delivers a concise and comprehensive design, and then helps insure its proper construction.  Most importantly, CMA strives to help fully plan the project to meet both current and future needs.

CMA believes that effective approach and understanding of a project is based on three key principles:

  1. Understanding the client’s goals and mutually agreeing on ways of meeting them.

  2. Constant coordination and communication among all team members.

  3. Accountability with the understanding that the client is an integral part of, and the most important part of, the project team.